Anderson transport service, LLC CHRISTIANSBURG, VA DMV IR # 506 ><>

Anderson transport service, LLC CHRISTIANSBURG, VA DMV IR # 506 ><>

As a result of the Covid-19 Virus, there is setup a see-through plastic protect involving the driver and guests that adds an extra covering of safeguards. Within our car you have readily available hand sanitizers, containers of water, mints (glucose free of charge), gum (glucose free), multiple sweets, facial cells, battery charging wires, travel games and we need a DVD user to experience motion pictures or video songs concerts. For your night time feel, we’ve got inside LED light that features a variety of hues incorporating a good ambiance. We supply neat and sanitized covers and cushions.

All accommodations come in price of the journey.

You should have an appropriate, enjoyable, and pleasant journey knowledge about united states.

NEMT & Control to Control Solution

NEMT & Control to Curb Services

NEMT & Curb to Control Service

We offer a safe, caring and on times

Non-Emergency Hospital Transport

We can provide Curb-to-Curb (taxi Style) provider. Our company is accessible to do quick or long-distance excursions.

We in addition perform shipments of

packages regularly.

We get big practices in creating certain our passengers’ transportation wants tend to be skillfully satisfied.

Purpose Report

NEMT & Suppress to Control Provider

Purpose Statement

Anderson Transportation Services

Courteousness, Professionalism, Honesty, Reliability

We try to deliver the absolute greatest transport provider to the people when you look at the Southwest Virginia and related segments.

We strive for excellence in supreme quality provider and customer support. We in addition make an effort to guarantee the safety, protection and convenience of our own subscribers while in the duration of their travel.

Reduced Costs Obtainable: Contact or Content

Common Pricing: Call/Text for Your Unique Price!

Touring by Jet, Train or Bus?

I have been reading that people tend to be missing her departure days for routes, trains, and vehicles simply because they cannot find transport, especially in early mornings. Kindly give me a call. I like very early mornings and being promptly.


Here you will find the appropriate prices for one-way or round-trip transport:

Carrier will demand these rates for transport: mention, length charge as high as $3.00 per distance can be applied for long distance pickups.

Extra Rates

These rate apply at markets around the New lake Valley / Southwest Virginia.

Minimum fee $30.00 up to initial five (5) miles

Usage $3.00 per kilometer

Waiting Time $7.50 per quarter-hour or tiny fraction thereof, (.50 each and every minute) in the movement of this passenger. This includes prevents en-route.

These waiting instances fees is applied at areas such as Airports, practice & Bus Stations, accommodation, etc. when awaiting pre-scheduled passenger(s) due to delays after scheduled grab instances.

Marked down Prices Obtainable: Contact or Text for Quote


Various Other Fees

a) cleansing fee: If, inside the carrier’s sensible advice, any passenger(s) soils the automobile on make they in an unpresentable problem for additional use, a maintaining fee of $300.00 is assessed against that passenger or passengers.

b) problems Charge: automobiles are carefully examined by service before each excursion. Any injury to chairs, windows, and other products or components of the automobile, inside or outside, which is triggered by any passenger or guests will be the obligation of the individuals or passenger and the expense towards provider for all the repairs of such damages will probably be paid because of the passenger(s).

c) Tolls, costs, and particular costs: The expenses here don’t feature bridge, ferry, canal, or road tolls, access costs or charges for unique certificates or licenses. An additional cost shall be examined for real price of this type of tolls, costs, or special expenses.

d) at the least 10% service/ move cost may be added to any expenses settled by credit card, Venmo, finances application, Zelle, GPay, PayPal, or just about any other forms of move of money. This price varies based on the different monetary service providers mentioned above. Note: these charges tend to be a direct go through of the organization charges.

NOTICE: No individual checks, bitcoin or any other types of electronic currency are going to be accepted but earnings try acceptable.

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